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Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 17 Ago 2010 - 21:14
Nota: esta lista lleva mas de 1/2 año, me disculpo anticipadamente si alguno delos links estan rotos, pero espero que logres sacar buen provecho de este surtido material 8)


Alien Vs Predator
A-Green by NHK:
Alien Queen by HSR:
Alien Warrior by HSR:
Chrysalis by HSR:
Linn Kurosawa by Tin:
Predator by HSR:
Private by HSR:
Razor Claws by HSR:


Araknen (Saint Seiya) by Erradicator:
Eva-01 by Hyuga:
Hiei (YuYu Hakusho) by Ribeiro:
Hyoga (Saint Seiya) by Erradicator:
Lion-O (Thundercats) by Erradicator & Hystalin:
Ranma by Nyankiryu:
Yusuke Urameshi (YuYu Hakusho) by Nyankiryu:

Arcana Hearts

Fiona by drowin:
Kamui by drowin:
Kira by NHK:
Lieselotte by Ahuron:
Saki Tsuzura by drowin:

Art of Fighting

Eiji Kisaragi (AOF2) by Fred:
Geese Howard (AOF2) by Fred:
Jack Turner (AOF2) by Andre Lopes:
Jin Fuha (AOF3) by Tin:
John Crawley by Fred:
John Crawley by Mr. S:
Kasumi Todoh (AOF3) by Nyo:
King by Fred:
King (AOF) by Kain the Supreme:
Lee by Fred:
Lenny Creston (AOF3) by Keyu:
Michael Max by Mr. S:
Micky (AOF2) by Fred:
Mr. Big (AOF2) by Fred:
Mr. Karate by Fred:
Robert Garcia by Fred:
Ryo Sakazaki by Fred:
Ryo Sakazaki (Motorcycle) by Kani:
Ryuhaku Todo by Fred:
Sinclair (AOF3) by Tof:
Takuma Sakazaki by Fred:
Temjin (AOF2) by Adamskie:
Yuri Sakazaki (AOF2) by Andre Lopes:
Wyler (AOF3) by Dxwho:

Asuka 120%

Asuka Honda by Elecbyte:
Asuka Honda by nyo:
Karina Toyota by Sakuraka:
Kumi Okubo by Sakuraka:
Nana Owada by Sakuraka:

Asura Blade
Alice by Nyo:
Chen Mao by Juke Kisaragi:
LightNing by Binho:
Rosemary by Juke Kisaragi:
Yashaoh by NHK:


Big Bang Beat

Senna Kyoudou by Ahuron:

Ichigo Kurosaki by drowin:


Breaker's Revenge

Dao Long by Inverse:
Dao Long (EX) by O Ilusionista:
Sho by Inverse:
Tia by Elecbyte:

Capcom Fighting Evolution

Hauzer by Mature4Ever:


Capcom Vs SNK

Akuma by Warusaki:
Anakaris by Gal129:
Athena Asamiya by Warusaki:
Benimaru Nikaido (KOF 2002) by HiroHiro:
Benimaru Nikaido by Jennifer:
Benimaru Nikaido by Warusaki:
Blanka by Gal129:
Cammy White by Warusaki:
Chang Koehan by Gal129:
Chun-Li by J.Lee:
Chun-Li by Warusaki:
Dan Hibiki by Warusaki:
E. Honda by Gal129:
Evil Ryu by Gargoyle:
Gai Tendo by Basara-kun:
Geese Howard by Gargoyle:
Geese Howard by Warusaki:
God Rugal by Warusaki:
Guile by Warusaki:
Haohmaru by Warusaki:
Hayato Kanzuki by Warusaki:
Hibiki Takane by Warusaki:
Hydron (Red Earth) by Gal129:
Ingrid by Warusaki:
Jill Valentine by Warusaki:
Joe Higashi by Gal129:
Juni by Warusaki:
Karin Kanzuki by Warusaki:
Ken Masters (Chosen Ken) by Chosen_01:
Ken Masters by Gargoyle:
Ken Masters by Warusaki:
Kim Kaphawn by Gal129:
Kim Kaphawn by Mr. Fong:
Kim Kaphwan by pji111:
King by Jennifer:
Kuroko by Warusaki:
Kyo Kusanagi by Warusaki:
Leo (Red Earth) by Gal129:
Lilith Aensland by Warusaki:
M. Bison by Gargoyle:
Mai Shiranui by Black Dhalia Isis:
Mai Shiranui by Shacti:
Maki Genryusai by Men's:
Nakoruru by J. Lee:
Nakoruru by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Rock Howard by Warusaki:
Rugal Bernstein by Warusaki:
Ryo Sakazaki by Mr. Fong:
Ryo Sakazaki by Muhanzoa, Shacti, & Zamtong:
Ryo Sakazaki by Warusaki:
Ryu by Gargoyle:
Ryu by Tukemon:
Ryu by Warusaki:
Ryuhaku Todo by Warusaki:
Ryuji Yamazaki by Warusaki:
Sakura Kasugano by Warusaki:
Terry Bogard by Mr. Fong:
Terry Bogard by Warusaki:
Vega by by Ascourt:
Vega by Warusaki:
Vice by Warusaki:
Yun by Mr. Fong:
Yun by Warusaki:
Yuri Sakazaki by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Yuri Sakazaki by pji111 & Zamtong:
Yuri Sakazaki by Tukemon:
Yuri Sakazaki by Warusaki:


Cyber Bots

P-10033 Gaits by Weapon-X:
Zero Akuma by N64Mario:



Anakaris by Mith:
B.B. Hood by BBH:
Bishamon by 3ha:
Demitri Maximoff by Vanity13:
Felicia by pji111:
Jedah by BBH & Deuce:
Jedah by Tenebrous & KoYoTae:
Lei-Lei by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Lilith Aensland by Jeff Reed, KoYoTae, Omega Red and Tenebrous:
Lilith Aensland by M.M.R.:
Morrigan Aensland by Thomas Hsieh:
Morrigan Aensland by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Pyron by Vanity13:
Q-Bee by Mith:
Sasquatch by Sander 71113:
Victor by John M. :



Aquaman by Erradicator:
Bane by Loganir & Ex-Inferis:
Elektra by Buyog 2099:
Erradicator by Erradicator:
Flash by Erradicator:
Green Lantern by Buyog 2099:
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) by Erradicator:
Ice by Buyog 2099:
Lex Luthor by Buyog 2099:
Lobo by Buyog 2099:
Sinestro by Buyog 2099:
Superboy by Erradicator:
Thor by Loganir & BlackDragon:
Wonder Woman by Loganir:


Double Dragon/Rage of the Dragon/Power Instinct Matrimelee

Abubo Rao (RotD) by Ex-Inferis:
Billy Lee (DD) by Bad Darkness:
Clara by NHK (PIM):
Elias Patrick (ROTD) by Inverse:
Goketuji Oume by Luchini:
Hikaru by Nyankiryu:
Johann by Adamskie:
Johann by Ahuron:
Jones (RotD) by J. Lee:
Jones (RotD) by Jennifer:
Kang Jae Mo (RotD) by Zamtong & Shacti:
Keith Wayne by Basara-kun:
Lynn Baker by Chloe & Roque: or
Lynn Baker by M.M.R.:
Neo Lynn Baker by Chloe & Roque:
Olof Linderoth by MEKA:
Oni by Inverse:
Oni by MEKA:
Pupa Salguiero by Nyankiryu:
Rebecca by Sakuraka:
Reiji by Basara-kun:
Shuko (Double Dragon) by KSzsk:
Sissy by Ahuron:
Sonia by Jennifer:


Dragon Ball Z

Android 16 by GohanSSM2:
Android 17 by KiKi:
Android 18 by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Android 20 by GohanSSM2:
Another Goku by KiKi:
Bardock by Bardock's Revenge:
Bojack by GohanSSM2:
Captain Ginyu by GohanSSM2:
Cell (Regular/Perfect) by GohanSSM2:
Cell by Komodo:
Cell Jr. by Goten88:
Chiaotzu by Goten88:
Dabura by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Fat Buu by GohanSSM2:
Goku by GohanSSM2:
Goten (GT) by Goten88:
Goten & Trunks by Goten88:
Gotenks by Goten88:
Hyper Buu by GohanSSM2:
Kid Gohan by GohanSSM2:
Krillin by GohanSSM2:
Majin Buu by GohanSSM2:
Mega Android 18 by GohanSSM2:
Mega Frieza by GohanSSM2:
Piccolo by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Recoome by GohanSSM2:
Super Sayian Adult Gohan by Komodo:
Super Sayian Goku by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Super Sayian Goku by Komodo:
Super Sayian 2 Goku by Ribeiro:
Super Sayian Kid Gohan by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Super Sayian Kid Gohan by Komodo:
Super Sayian 3 Gotenks by GohanSSM2:
Super Sayian Trunks by GohanSSM2:
Super Sayian Trunks by Ironmugen:
Super Sayian Vegeta by GohanSSM2 (2 versions):
Super Sayian Vegeta by KiKi:
Super Sayian Vegeta by Komodo:
Tao Pai Pai by Bardock's Revenge:
Tien Shinhan by GohanSSM2:
Tien Shinhan by Goten88:
Vegeta by GohanSSM2:
Vegeta by Ironmugen:
Vegeta (DB: GT) by KiKi:
Vegeta by Mattasaur:
Vegetto by KiKi:
Young Goku by GohanSSM2:
Young Goku by Goten88:



Alty by Hanma:
Carlos Blanka by N64Mario:
Carnage by Juan Carlos:
Dead Bison by Marancv & Phantom.of.the.Server:
Dimaano (Edit from Setsuna) by John M. :
Doom Vega by Ascourt:
Eric by Basara-kun:
EVE Original by Hanma:
Evil Kim Dong Hwan by MmugenN:
Evil Soul by Kain the Supreme:
Fliz by Juke Kisaragi:
Geese B. Howard by Nyankiryu:
God Yuri by arukari:
Gou Hibiki by N64Mario:
Hiel by NAO&M:
Isabeau by Ex-Inferis:
Kai Sensei Ken by Marancv & Polocolto:
Kula & Eddie by arukari:
Lauren Revolt by Jack Bandit RT:
Maria Shinzaki by Mouki:
Masago by Kain the Supreme:
Nao by NAO&M:
Ravenous by Ex-Inferis:
Robo-K' by Kyll:
Robo Kula by Kyll:
Robo-Rock by y.y:
Robo Rock Type II by y.y:
Scylla by Kain the Supreme:
Sensei Ken by Marancv & Polocolto:
Slightly Pissed Off Ryu by Rikard:
Sula by NAO&M:
Violent Ryu by Marancv & Phantom.of.the.Server:
Zangyura by 3ha:


Eternal Fighter Zero

Ayu Tsukimiya by Arche:
Ayu Tsukimiya by Shikkoku:

Ex Nanase by Kuri:

Ikumi Amasawa by Toshi:

Kanna by Kuri:
Kanna by Mikage:

Kaori and Shiori by Rouge Noir & Rekku:

Kaori Misaka by Rouge Noir:

Mai Kawasumi by Kuri:

Makoto Sawatari by BF:

Mayu Shiina by BF:

Michiru by Rouge Noir:

Minagi Tohno by Toshi:

Mio Kouzuki by DABA:

Misaki Kawana by Rouge Noir:

Misuzu Kamio by Hanma:
Misuzu Kamio by Kuri:

Mizuka Nagamori by Hanma:

Nayuki Minase by Tuki no Turugi:

Sachiko Ogasawara by Shimon:

Satomi Yajima by Rouge Noir:

Unknown by Kuri:

Fatal Fury

Andy Bogard (FFSp) by Adamskie:
Andy Bogard (RBFF) by Bad Darkness:
Andy Bogard (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Axel Hawk (FFSp) by Adamskie:

Billy Kane (FF1) by Rin & Bat:
Billy Kane (RBFF2) by Star Platinum:

Blue Mary (RBFF2) by Juke Kisaragi:

Bob Wilson (FF3) by Crosscat:
Bob Wilson (EX) by O Ilusionista:

Cheng Sinzan (FFSp) by Adamskie:

Duck King (FF1) by Lewis:

Franco Bash (RBFFSp) by Star Platinum:

Geese Howard (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Hwa Jai by KM and Mr. S:
Hwa Jai (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Jin Chonrei (FF3/RBFF) by Luchini:

Jin Chonshu (FF3/RBFF) by Ironmugen:

Joe Higashi (FFSp) by Adamskie:
Joe Higashi (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Jubei Yamada (FFSp) by Adamskie:

Kim Kaphawn (FFSp) by Zamtong:

Laurence Blood (FFSp) by Adamskie:

Li Xiangfei (RBFF2) by Star Platinum:

Mai Shiranui (RBFF) by Shacti & Rugh82:

Michael Max (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Nightmare Geese by Ahuron:

Raiden (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Richard Meyer (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

Ryo Sakazaki (FFSp) by Raiwa:

Terry Bogard (RBFFSp) by Ironmugen:
Terry Bogard (FFSp) by Nyankiryu:
Terry Bogard (FF1) by Rin & Bat:
Terry Bogard (FF3) by Star Platinum:

Tung Fu Rue (RBFF) by Bad Darkness:
Tung Fu Rue (FF1) by Rin & Bat:

White (RBFF: DM) by Rin & Bat:

Wolfgang Krauser (RBFFSp) by Ironmugen:


Fate/Stay Night

Emiya by Kuri:

Saber by Kuri:


Fighter's History/Karnov's Revenge

Jean Pieele by Adamskie:
Jean Pieele by Star Platinum:

Liu Yung Mie by Zamtong:

Ryoko Kano by Adamskie:


Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife (KH: CoM) by Hyuga:

Omega by HSR:

Renna by ali:

Shinryu by HSR:


Final Fight

Abigail by ali:

Dean by Basara-kun:

Edi by ali:

Haggar by ali:


Galaxy Fight

Neo Kazama by Tenebrous:

Rolf by NHK:

Roomi by Inverse:
Roomi by Mattasaur:

Shin Kazama by O Ilusionista:


Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Bonne Jenet by John:

Freeman by John:

Gato by Tin:

Grant by M.M.R.:

Hotaru Futaba by Adamskie:

Kim Dong Hwan by Tukemon:

Kim Jae Hoon by Tukemon:

Marco Rodriguez by M.M.R.:

Tizoc by M.M.R.:


Guardian Heroes
Guilty Gear

For Muteki's Faust, I-No, Testament, Eddie, Justice, Johnny, Potemkin, A.B.A., Jam, Baiken, Chipp, Millia, Axl, Venom, Chipp, and Slayer:

Axl by MEKA:

Chipp Zanuff by MEKA:

Dizzy by Nana:

Dr. Baldhead by Bad Darkness:

Eddie by John M. :

Ky Kiske by MEKA:

May by MEKA:

Milia Rage by Nana:

Sol-Badguy by Amachi:
Sol-Badguy (GGX) by SuperScott:



Death Scythe by Hyuga:

Freedom Gundam by Rikard:

God Gundam by Nyankiryu:

Nu Gundam by Hyuga:

Shining Gundam by Nyankiryu:

Tall Geese by Most Unbalance:

Wing Zero by Hyuga:


Hokuto No Ken

Jagi by drowin:

Kenshirou by drowin:

Raoh by drowin:

Rei by Ahuron:

Shin by Ahuron:

Thouther by Ahuron:


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando by Warusaki:

Hol Horse by y.y.:

Joseph Joestar by y.y.:

Khan by Bad Darkness:

Kujo Jotaro by y.y.:

Midler by Montana:

Noriaki Kakyoin by Orochi Herman:

Rubber Soul by Bad Darkness:

Shadow Dio by Orochi Herman:

Vanilla Ice by Warusaki:


Kabuki Klash

Gokuraku Tarou by Shimon:

Jyashinsai by Shimon:

Kabuki Danjurou by Shimon:

Karakuri by Mattasaur:

Manjimaru Sengoku by KSzsk:

Orochimaru by Shimon:

Tsunade by Roque:

Yagumi by Mattasaur:


Kaiser Knuckle

General by Adamskie:

Lihua by Shacti:


King of Fighters

Adelheid Bernstein by Bad Darkness:
Adelheid Bernstein (KOF 2003) by Stephengi:

Andy Bogard (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Angel by Juke Kisaragi:

Ash Crimson (KOF XI + MIA) by MDK and Joahie:
Ash Crimson by Nyankiryu:
Ash Crimson (KOF 2003/XI) by Stephengi:

Athena Asamiya (KOF XI) by Ahuron:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 97) by J. Lee:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 2001) by Jennifer:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 2000) by M.M.R.:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 96) by Nana:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 94) by Raiwa:
Athena Asamiya (KOF 98) by zolagun:

Baitang by Mr. S:

Bao (KOF 99 + 2000) by Misamu K. Young:

Benimaru Nikaido (KOF 98-2001 + CVS) by Sander 71113:
Benimaru Nikaido (KOF 2003) by zzasd:

Billy Kane (KOF 2003/KOF 97, 98, & 02) by J. Lee (2 versions):

Blue Mary (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Brian Battler (KOF 98) by Fangke:

Chang Koehan (KOF 99) by M.M.R.:
Chang Koehan (Smart Chang) by Mr. S & Misamu K Young:

Chizuru Kagura by MDK and Joahie:
Chizuru Kagura (KOF 98) by Sander 71113:

Choi by Fangke: by Mr. S:
Choi Bounge (Cool Choi) by Mr. S:

Chris by MDK and Joahie:
Chris (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Clark Still (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Duck King (KOF XI) by Ahuron:

Duke (KOF 2000 ST) by Mr. S:

Duo Lon by Bad Darkness:

Eiji Kisaragi (KOF XI) by Ahuron:
Eiji Kisaragi (KOF 95) by J. Lee:
Eiji Kisaragi (KOF 95) by Misamu K. Young:

Elizabeth Branctorche by Fervicante:

Foxy (KOF 2001) by M.M.R.:

Gai Tendo by Ahuron:

Gato (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:

Geese Howard (P-Geese) by Crosscat:
Geese Howard (Young Geese) by Rin & Bat:
Geese Howard (Nightmare Geese) by Rin & Bat:

Goenitz by GONZO:

Goro Daimon (KOF 98) by Sander 71113:

Hayate by Ahuron:

Heavy D! (KOF 98) by 3ha:

Hinako Shijou (KOF 2001) by Ironmugen:
Hinako Shijou (KOF 2000) by M.M.R.:
Hinako Shijou by Mother Earth:

Hotaru Futaba (KOF XI) by Juke Kisaragi:

Igniz by GONZO:

Iori Yagami (Orochi Iori) by ali:
Iori Yagami by HiroHiro:
Iori Yagami by MDK and Joahie:
Iori Yagami (High School Iori) by Mother Earth:
Iori Yagami by Orochi Herman:
Iori Yagami (KOF 2001) by Sander 71113:

Jazu by Ahuron:

Jhun Hoon (KOF 99) by Adamskie:
Jhun Hoon (KOF 99) by Ironmugen:
Jhun Hoon (KOF 99) by Misamu K. Young:

Joe Higashi (Another Unknown) by Ahuron:
Joe Higashi (KOF 99) by Misamu K. Young:

K' by MDK and Joahie:
K' (KOF 2002) by NAO&M:
K' (Another K') by NAO&M:
K' (KOF 99-2002) by zzzasd:

Kasumi Todoh (KOF 96) by Ironmugen:
Kasumi Todoh by Juke Kisaragi:
Kasumi Todoh (KOF 2000) by M.M.R.:

Kim Kaphawn (KOF 2002) by Ironmugen:
Kim Kaphawn (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Kim Kaphawn (KOF 98 + 99) by Misamu K. Youing:
Kim Kaphawn (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

King (KOF 99 + XI) by MDK and Joahie:
King (KOF 2001) by M.M.R.:

Krizalid (Normal) by J. Lee:
Krizalid (KOF 98 + XI) by MDK and Joahie:

Kula Diamond (KOF XI) by Ironmugen:
Kula Diamond (KOF 2002) by NAO&M:
Kula Diamond (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Kusanagi (KOF 2002) by Ironmugen:
Kusanagi (KOF 02, 03, NeoWave) by zzzasd:

Kyo Kusanagi (KOF XI) by Ahuron:
Kyo Kusanagi (KOF 2003) by HiroHiro:
Kyo Kusanagi (KOF 2003) by Ironmugen:
Kyo Kusanagi (GBA) by Kyo Kusanagi:
Kyo Kusanagi (Kyo-O/Ex Kyo) by MDK and Joahie:
Kyo Kusanagi (KOF 2001) by Sander 71113:
Kyo Kusanagi (KOF 98) by SuperScott:
Kyo Kusanagi (KOF 99-02, NeoWave) by zzzasd:

Leona (KOF 2002) by NAO&M:
Leona (KOF 2001) by Tin:

Lin (KOF 2001) by Crosscat:
Lin (KOF 2000) by Misamu K. Young:

Li Xiangfei (KOF 99) by Ironmugen:
Li Xiangfei (KOF 99, 01) by J. Lee:

Lucky Glauber (KOF 98) by Sander 71113:

Mai Shiranui (Nude/Clothed) by Andre Lopes:
Mai Shiranui (KOF XI) by Juke Kisaragi:
Mai Shiranui (KOF 2000) by M.M.R.:

Malin by Juke Kisaragi:
Malin (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:

Mature (KOF 98) by Ironmugen:
Maxima (60 year old) by Mother Earth:
Maxima by NAO&M:
Mature (KOF 96,2002) by zzzasd:

Maxima (KOF 2002) by Crosscat:
Maxima (KOF 99-02) by Gargoyle:
Maxima (KOF 99) by M.M.R.:

May Lee (KOF 2001) by Juan Carlos:

Moe Habana by Fangke:

Momoko by Juke Kisaragi:

Mr. Big (KOF 96) by Ironmugen:

Mr. Karate (KOF 2002 [Ryo edit]) by Ahuron:
Mr. Karate (KOF 2002) by Ironmugen:

Mukai by Tin:

Orochi by GONZO:
Orochi by Orochi Herman:

Orochi Shermie (KOF 98) by Andre Lopes:

Oswald by Ahuron:

Ralf Jones (KOF 99) by Misamu K. Young & SMI:
Ralf Jones (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Ramon (KOF 00-02) by Gargoyle:
Ramon (KOF 2002) by Tin:

Robert Garcia (KOF 97-98) by J. Lee:
Robert Garcia (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Robert Garcia (KOF 99) by Misamu K. Young:
Robert Garcia (KOF 99-00) by Muhanzoa:

Rugal Bernstein (KOF 94) by Bad Darkness:
Rugal Bernstein (KOF 94/Rugal 2) by Bad Darkness:
Rugal Bernstein (Omega Rugal 98) by GONZO:
Rugal (Omega Rugal 2002) by Tin:

Ryo Sakazaki (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Ryo Sakazaki (KOF 96-00) by Muhanzoa:

Ryuji Yamazaki (KOF XI) by Ahuron:
Ryuji Yamazaki (KOF 2003) by Ironmugen:
Ryuji Yamazaki (KOF 98) by Sander 71113:
Ryuji Yamazaki (KOF 2003) by zzzasd:

Saisyu Kusanagi (KOF 98) by Ironmugen:

Shen Woo (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Shen Woo by NAO&M:

Shermie (KOF 2002) by Ironmugen:

Shingo Yabuki (KOF 97) by Ironmugen:
Shingo Yabuki (KOF 2002) by KSzsk:

Shion by Juke Kisaragi:

Sie Kenshou by Mother Earth:

Silver by Ahuron:
Silver by MDK and Joahie:

Takuma Sakazaki (KOF 2002) by Diego Sanches:

Terry Bogard (KOF 99) by BAGALIAO & Misamu K. Young:
Terry Bogard (KOF95-2002 + CVS + MotW) by Sander 71113:
Terry Bogard (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Tizoc (KOF 2003) by Crosscat:

Todo Ryuhaku (Unknown/KOF 2000 + CVS) by Mr. S:

Vanessa (KOF XI) by Ahuron:
Vanessa by Mother Earth:
Vanessa (KOF 2001) by Sander 71113:

Vice (KOF 98) by M.M.R.:
Vice by Mother Earth:
Vice (KOF 98, 02) by zzzasd:

Whip (KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:

Wolfgang Krauser (KOF 96) by Ironmugen:
Wolfgang Krauser (KOF 96) by J. Lee:

Yashiro Nanase by ali:
Yashiro Nanase (KOF 98) by Luvly Angel & ??:
Yashiro Nanase (KOF 97, 98, 2002, XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Yashiro Nanase (KOF 98) by MmugenN:
Yashiro Nanase (KOF 2002) by zzzasd:

Young Geese (KOF NeoWave) by Ironmugen:

Yuri Sakazaki (KOF XI/KOF94) by Fervicante (2 versions): (KOF XI) (KOF 94)
Yuri Sakazaki by Juke Kisaragi:
Yuri Sakazaki (Yuri 16) by Nyankiryu:
Yuri Sakazaki (KOF 96) by pji111:

Zero by GONZO:


Kizuna Encounter

Hayate by Mr. S:

Kim Sue II by Mouki:

Rosa by Mother Earth:



Cheep-Chomp by N64Mario:

Chomper by N64Mario:

Luigi by N64Mario:

Kamek by Kamek:

Mario (N64 Mario) by Hanyou:
Mario by N64Mario:

NES Mario by Thomas Hsieh:



Captain Marvel by 5korX:

Plastic Man by MamboJambo:

Sandman by Loganir:

Strong Guy by Buyog 2099:


Marvel Vs Capcom/MSH/X-MenvSF/MSHvSF/X-Men: CotA

Apocalypse by N64Mario:

Cyclops by SuperScott:

Hulk (MvC) by Erradicator:

Ironman (MSH) by Erradicator:

Jin Saotome by Thomas Hsieh:

Marrow by Ryou Win:

Psylocke by Qkrtf:

Rogue by Thomas Hsieh:

Roll by Ibukah:

Shuma Gorath by Qkrtkf:

Spiderman (MvC) by Erradicator:

Spiral (X-Men: CotA) by Luchini:

Venom by Juan Carlos:

Wolverine by Sander 71113:


Mega Man

Blues by Renzoku:

Cyber Peacock by Snowwolf:

Fenri-Lunaedge by Snowwolf:

Jet Stingray by Snowwolf:

Magma Dragon by Snowwolf:

Mattrex by Snowwolf:

Megaman.EXE by Ribeiro:

Megaman X by N64Mario:

Metool by N64Mario:

NES Megaman by Thomas Hsieh:

Panther Flauclaws by Snowwolf:

Pulseman by N64Mario:

Roll by Thomas Hsieh:

Sigma by N64Mario:

Slash Beast by Snowwolf:

Team Megaman by Ribeiro:

Theskiver by Snowwolf:

Vent & Aile by N64Mario:

Zero by Diego Sanches:
Zero (Super Zero) by Maximus:
Zero (Omega Zero) by N64Mario:


Melty Blood

Akaitsuki by Shiroto:

Akiha Tohno by DABA:
Akiha Tohno (Giant Akiha) by drowin:
Akiha Tohno (EX Akiha) by syacho:
Akiha Tohno by Tukemon:

Akiha Vermillion by nana:

Aoko Aozaki by Ex-Inferis:

Ciel (7th Heaven Ciel) by TENE:
Ciel by Shiroto:

Kishima Kouma by drowin:

Kohaku by Toshi:

Mech Hisui by Ex-Inferis:
Mech Hisui (Super Mech Hisui) by Kuri:

Miyako Arima by Juke Kisaragi:

Neco-Arc by TENE:

Neco-Arc Chaos by TENE:

Nero Chaos by Ex-Inferis:

Shiki Nanaya by Ibukah:

Shiki Tohno by DABA:
Shiki Tohno by Ibukah:
Shiki Tohno by Rouge Noir:

Sion Atlasia by Shiroto:

Sion Tatari by Shiroto:

Warakia by MEKA:

White Len by Juke Kisaragi:

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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 17 Ago 2010 - 21:26

Metal Slug

Fio by 3ha:
Fio by Mr. S:

Killer Whale by N64Mario:


Mortal Kombat

Baraka by Kazmer:
Baraka by Nyo:

Chameleon by Kazmer:

Jax by Nyo:

Kano by Binho:

Kitana by Kazmer:
Kitana by Nyo:

Liu Kang by Kazmer:

Mileena by Kazmer:

Raiden by Kazmer:

Reptile by Kazmer:

Scorpion by Binho:
Scorpion by Kazmer:

Shang Tsung by Binho:

Shao Khan by Kazmer:

Sheeva by Nyo:

Smoke by Kazmer:

Sub-Zero by Binho (2 versions):
Sub-Zero by Kazmer:


Namco X Capcom

Cammy White by drowin:

Demitri Maximov by Shimon:

Karin Kanzuki by Shimon:

Lilith Aensland by Shimon:

Morrigan Aensland by Shimon:



Naruto Uzumaki by Hanyou:

Sasuke Uchiha by Hanyou:


Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum

Chonrei by Ahuron:

Geese Howard by Stephengi:

Goodman by Ahuron:
Goodman by MDK and Joahie:

Haohmaru by HiroHiro:

Jin Chonshu by Ironmugen:

Kaede by Ahuron:
Kaede (KOF XI + NGBC) by MDK and Joahie:

Kisarah Westfield by Fervicante:

Kotaro Fuuma by Fervicante:

Lee by Ahuron:

Marco Rodriguez by Fervicante:

Mizuchi by Ahuron:

Moriya Minakata by Stephengi:

Rock Howard by HiroHiro:

Shin Shishioh by Tin:

Shishioh by Tin:

Yuki by Ahuron:



Alexi-A by Ascourt:

Aner by A-Kue:

Cloud Awe by Rikard & Dark Cloud:

Cyborg Mai by Kain the Supreme:

Dragon Claw by Reu:

Eiji Shirow by Rikard & Dark Cloud:

Evil Ken by Reu:

F1 by Thomas Hsieh:

Feng Xiaoyen by Juke Kisaragi:

Fluffy by Thomas Hsieh:

Hashi by Andres Borghi:

Kei Nanasawa by Rikard:

Lucy Fernandez by Fervicante:

Lupin III by Basara-kun:
Lupin III by Kain the Supreme:

Mary Deiyon by Ibukah:

Maxine by Maximo Perez & Andrés Borghi:

Megumi Shinigami by Rikard:

Menelikke by Rikard & Speculum:

Mika Uraki by Rikard:

Nanashi Kimura by Rikard:

Noroko by Andres Borghi:

Peketo by Andres Borghi:

PK by Rikard:

Pocket O Ilusionista by O Ilusionista:

Rick Taylor by Andres Borghi:

Rikard Hawlett by Rikard:

Sachiel by Rikard:

Setsuna Sakurazaki by drowin:

Shar-Makai by Andres Borghi:

Tigre Negro by Maximus:

Uino by drowin:

Viuda Negra by Andres Borghi:

Zeeky H. Bomb by Kamek:



8 (Wasp) by Elecbyte:

Ai Momoyama by Nyo:

Asakura Ryouko by minoo:

Bee by Nyankiryu:

Cheetahmen by Ahuron:

Chibiko by Elecbyte:

Chise by minoo:

Combat Echizen by NRF:

Cursor by N64Mario:

Dandy Blue by Poshpsylocke:

Digi by Nyankiryu:

Dyan Silva by Pirata Cibernético:

Fubuki by Nyankiryu:

Gideon by Tenebrous & The Necromancer:

Hatune Kashiwagi by Elecbyte:

Kan Cho Man by Elecbyte:

Konoha by Ahuron:

Kung Fu Man Capcom by N64Mario:
Kung Fu Man V-Ism by N64Mario:

Kyouko by mother earth and Riki by Elecbyte:

Launa by Nyo:

Mariko by Fervicante:

Mayuge by NHK:

Mazinger by Nyankiryu:

Mel by Elecbyte:

Miffy by Mith:

Misato by Nyankiryu:

Momo by NHK:

Mr. Bater by Nyankiryu:

Namihei by Nyankiryu:

Popura Hanakoji by Elecbyte:

Raiya Mikazuchi by Orochi Herman:

Reika Hikari by Kamek:

Reon by NRF:

Ryuho by Nyankiryu:

Shinobi by Pirata Cibernético:

Silk Hat Baron by Elecybte:

Stupid Little Drill Tank by Kamek:

Taekuk by Nyo:

Tigre Negro by MamboJambo:

Torao Onigawara by NHK:

Tsugumi by Sakuraka:

Ukyo Kuonji by Nyo:

Ume & Tane by Elecbyte:

Ultra Magnus by NRF:

Usada Hikaru by Nyankiryu:

Wanwan by Mith:

Wapiko by NHK: (click on Pink haired girl)

Yoritomo by Nyankiryu:

Yukihime by Sakuraka:

Zeami by Nyankiryu:


Other Games

Ackman (Go Go Ackman) by 5korX:

Benten (Operation Ragnagard) by Adamskie:

Bonus Kun by Bad Darkness:
Bonus Kun by Masa:

Bubblum (Bubble Bobble) by Andres Borghi:

Celsius by y.y.:

Chris Redfield by 5korX:

Crey (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Daddy (Hiryu no Ken) by Kain the Supreme:

Dark Warrior (Hiryu no Ken) by Kain the Supreme:

Domon (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Donatello (TMNT: Tournament Fighters) by Erradicator:

Drache (Metal Warrior) by Kain the Supreme:

Falcon (EX) by O Ilusionista:

Gillius by Binho:

Gizmo (Gremlins 2) by Mature4Ever:

Han Bae Dal (Fight Fever) by Envymask666:

Hinata Wakaba (Rival Schools) by Fervicante:

Hiruko (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Hu-ko-hu (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

J. Yu (Virture Fighter 4) by Dead Atom:

Jentai (Weapon Lords) by Kain the Supreme:

Jetta Maxx by Poshpsylocke:

Karin (Gowcaizer) by Andre Lopes:

Kim Hoon (Fight Fever) by Envymask666:

Koganei (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Kurenai (Sengoku 3) by Inverse:

Kyashan (Casshan) by Rikard, Kain the Supreme, and Zanna:

Layla by Sakuraka:

Lion Magnus by y.y:

Living Armor by y.y.:

Lucca (Chrono Trigger) by Kyo Kusanagi:

Lyris Aileron by y.y.:

Magikarp by Kamek:

Marle (Chrono Trigger) by Kyo Kusanagi:

Master Hand (SSMB) by N64Mario:

Metroid by N64Mario:

Mikagami (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Mimi by Luchini:

Mouser (TMNT) by N64Mario:

Pikachu by XGargoyle:

Platonic Twins (Gowcaizer) by Luchini:

Raphael (TMNT: Tournament Fighters) by Erradicator:
Raphael (TMNT: Tournament Fighters) by Marancv:

Recca (Flame of Recca) by SIM:

Red Snake (Martial Masters) by Fervicante:

Reika (Martial Masters) by Fervicante:

Rick Norton (Rushing Beat) by Mature4Ever:

Rouwe by Masa:

Saber by ?:

Saizo Hattori by O Ilusionista:

Shaomu by drowin:

Shnouzer (Battle Blaze) by Mature4Ever:

Starbem Gyeron (Ultra Seven) by Mature4Ever:

Suzu Fujibayashi by y.y.:

Syous by Juan Carlos:

Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) by Kyo Kusanagi:

Tetsuo (Gekido Advance) by Inverse:

Toguro Ototo (YuYu Hakusho) by Fangke:

Yuki (Super Virgin Fighters) by Mattasaur:


Pocket Fighters

Chun-Li by Black Dhalia Isis:

Dan (SVC: MotM: by N64Mario:

Ken by Ribeiro:

Shin Akuma by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Terry Bogard by Diego Sanches:


Queen of Hearts

Asahi Sakura

Kashiwagi Hatsune


Osage Akari



Simako Todo by Shimon:

Yoshino Shimazu by Shimon:

Yumi Fukuzawa by Shimon:


Red Earth/Warzard

Tao by NHK:


Sailor Moon

Emerald by Poshpsylocke:

Queen Beryl by UDX:

Sailor Chibi-Moon by Poshpsylocke:
Sailor Chibi-Moon by Ryoga:

Sailor Jupiter by Kamek:
Sailor Jupiter (Kino Makoto) by Sakuraka:

Sailor Mars by Alunfla:
Sailor Mars by Poshpsylocke:
Sailor Mars by Rage:
Sailor Mars (Hino Rei) by Sakuraka:

Sailor Mercury by Alunfla:
Sailor Mercury by Poshpsylocke:
Sailor Mercury (Mizuno Ami) by Sakuraka:
Sailor Mercury by Zir:

Sailor Moon by abon@arashi (Eternal Sailor Moon):
Sailor Moon by Alunfla (Super Sailor Moon):
Sailor Moon by Emanuele:
Sailor Moon by GatoSoft:
Sailor Moon by mugenfan (Eternal Sailor Moon):
Sailor Moon by Nyo:
Sailor Moon by Poshpsylocke:

Sailor Neptune by Pocketfreeman & Zir:

Sailor Pluto by Mira_:
Sailor Pluto by Poshpsylocke:

Sailor Saturn by ?:
Sailor Saturn by Poshpsylocke:

Sailor Venus by Cartoon King:
Sailor Venus by Poshpsylocke:
Sailor Venus (Aino Minako) by Sakuraka:


Samurai Shodown

Aku-Amakusa (SSIV) by Masquer:

Amakusa (SSIV) by Masquer:

Andrew by Montana:

Charlotte (SSIV) by Masquer:
Charlotte (SSIV) by pji111:

Genan Shiranui by Basara-kun:

Hanzou Hattori (SSIV) by Masquer:
Hanzou Hattori (SSII) by Star Platinum:

Haohmaru by SuperScott:

Jubei Yagyu by Mouki:

Jun (SSV) by John M. :

Kuroko by GONZO:

Kyoshiro Senryo by Weapon-X:

Nakoruru by Ibukah:
Nakoruru (SSIV) by Roque:

Neinhalt Sieger by 3ha:

Poppy by Nyankiryu:

Rera (SSVSp) by Roque:

Rimururu (SSIV) by Tukemon:

Rumai (SSV) by John M. :

Sankuro by Nyankiryu:

Shizumaru (SSIII) by Masquer:

Yoshitora Tokugawa by MEKA:

Yumeji Kurokouchi by Nyankiryu:

Yunfei (SSV) by John M. :

Zankuro Minazuki by ali:


SNK Vs Capcom

Akuma by minseo1911:
Akuma by Tin:

Dan Hibiki by Ahuron:

Demitri Maximov by Bad Darkness:
Demitri Maximov by Ex-Inferis:

Chun-Li by J. Lee:

Guile by Star Platinum:

Mars People by Crosscat:

Shiki by Tin:

Tabasa by NHK:

Zero by Crosscat:


Street Fighter

Akuma (SF3) by Crazy for S.F.:
Akuma (Classic Akuma) by minseo1911:
Akuma (SFA3) by M.M.R.:
Akuma (SFA) by Tenebrous:

Alex by Ex-Inferis:

Balrog by Ascourt:
Balrog (SFA3) by N64Mario:
Balrog (SF2) by Rin & Bat:
Balrog (SFA) by shacti:
Balrog (SF2) by shacti:

Blanka (SF: The Movie) by Diego Sanches:
Blanka (SF2) by Masa:
Blanka (SF2) by pji111:

Cammy White (SF2) by Andre Lopes:

Charlie (SFA3) by Adamskie:
Charlie (SFA3) by N64Mario:
Charlie (SFA3) by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Chun-Li (SF3) by J. Lee:
Chun-Li (SF2) by Masa:
Chun-Li (SVC Chaos + KOF XI) by MDK and Joahie:
Chun-Li (SF2/SFA) by shacti (3 versions):

Dan Hibiki (SFA3) by Adamskie:
Dan Hibiki by MDK and Joahie:
Dan Hibiki (SFA3) by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Dark Sakura by Guerreiro Drugen:

DeeJay (SF: The Movie) by Diego Sanches:
DeeJay (SFA3) by N64Mario:
DeeJay (SF2) by Qkrkf:

Dhalsim (SFA) by 3ha:
Dhalsim (SF2) by Masa:
Dhalsim (SFA3/With Clones) by NRF:

Dudley by Gargoyle:
Dudley by Tin:

E. Honda by Gargoyle:

Evil Ryu by Mattasaur:
Evil Ryu by Reu:

Fei Long (SFA3) by N64Mario:
Fei Long (SF2) by zamtong:

Guile (SF2) by Kain the Supreme:
Guile (SF2) by Masa:
Guile (SFA3) by N64Mario:

Guy by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Guy by zolagun:

Juli by Juke Kisaragi:

Juni (SFA3) by M.M.R.:

Karin Kanzuki by Juke Kisaragi:
Karin Kanzuki by Orochi Herman:
Karin Kanzuki by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
Karin Kanzuki by pji111:

Ken Masters (MvsSF) by Ascourt:
Ken Masters (Master Ken) by Ex-Inferis:
Ken Masters (SFA3) by M.M.R.:
Ken Masters (SF2) by Raiwa:
Ken Masters (SF2) by zolagun:

Makoto by NHK:

M. Bison (SF2) by Masa:
M. Bison (SFA3) by N64Mario:
M. Bison (SFA3) by Phantom.of.the.Server.:
M. Bison (SF2) by Rin & Bat:
M. Bison (SFA) by Tenebrous:
M. Bison (SF2) by zolagun:

R. Mika by Andre Lopes:

Rose by Juke Kisaragi:

Ryu (SFA3) by Adamskie:
Ryu (SF/SF2) by Masa (2 versions):
Ryu (Ryu Plus) by Mattasur:
Ryu (SFA3/SF) by N64Mario:
Ryu (SF: The Movie) NRF:
Ryu (SFA3) by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Sagat (SFA3) by Adamskie:
Sagat (SF2) by Masa:
Sagat (SF2) by Rin & Bat:
Sagat (SF2/SFA) by zamtong (2 versions):

Sakura Kasugano (SFA3) by Adamskie:
Sakura Kasugano by Orochi Herman:
Sakura Kasugano by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Shin Akuma (SFA3) by Phantom.of.the.Server.:

Sodom (SFA3) by M.M.R.:

T. Hawk (SFA3) by Adamskie:
T. Hawk (SFA3) by N64Mario:

Vega (SFA3) by M.M.R.:
Vega (SFA3) by N64Mario:

Zangief (SF2) by Masa:
Zangief (SFA3) by M.M.R.:


Streets of Rage
The Last Blade

Akari Ichigo by Roque:

Hibiki Takane (LB2) by HSR:
Hibiki Takane by Nana:

Hyo Amano by Luchini:

Kaede by Ribeiro:

Kagami Shinnosuke by Orochi Herman:

Setsuna by Orochi Herman:

Shigen Naoe (LB2) by M.M.R.:

Touhou/Immaterial and Missing Power

Hong Meiling by Daiya:

Reimu Hakurei by Nachel:

Scarlet Remilia by Nachel:

Suika by Nachel:

Yukari Yakumo by Daiya:

Yuyuko & Youmu by Daiya:

Variable Geo

Ayako Yuuki by Luchini:

Chiho Masuda by Sakuraka:

Erina Goldsmith by Luchini:

Jun Kubota by Luchini:

Kaori Yanase by Juke Kisaragi:

Kyoko Kirisima by Sakuraka:

Manami Kusonoki by Nyankiryu:

Masako Kosunoki by Juke Kisaragi:

Satomi Yajima by Nyankiryu:

Tamao Mitsurugi (Regular/Max) by Nyankiryu:

Yuka Takeuchi by Nyankiryu:

Yumiko Watanuki by Juke Kisaragi:

WakuWaku 7

Arina by NHK:

Dandy J by NHK:

Mauru by Inverse:

Rai by Basara-kun:

Slash by Inverse:

Tesse by Roque:

World Heroes

Erik by Shimon:

Gokuu by Shimon:

Jack the Ripper by Most Unbalance:

Jenghis Carn by T^T & Zamtong:

Johnny Maximum by Shimon:

Kim Dragon by Marancv:

Neo Dio by Bad Darkness:

Ryofu by Shimon:

Ryoko Izumo by Bad Darkness:

Shura by Basara-kun:

Zeus by GONZO:

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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 17 Ago 2010 - 21:30
les quedo debiendo la foto de todos los chars...motivo, toca buscarlas una por una en google y subirlas al foro por imageshark,

espero que les guste y como siempre a su dispocisión. atentamente:
Janus Eurel Molinovsky
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 17 Ago 2010 - 23:19
ok bro como te habras dado cuenta organize un poco mas el tema muy buena lista saludos

Team Mexico
Team Mexico
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 14 Sep 2010 - 9:21
Buena coleccion de chars de todo tipo, muy beno para los k kieren iniciarce en el mugen, o para jkienes kieren tener todos los chars posibles
Dash Olbaid
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Mar 14 Sep 2010 - 19:48
asi es es perfecta para quienes comienza y para uno que otro que tengamos ganas de volver con los chars viejitos


buen post
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Miér 1 Dic 2010 - 19:53
buen aporte gracias por compartir amigo :D

Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Lun 28 Mar 2011 - 14:02
espero que les guste y busquen entre mas de 500 char al abrir el SPOILER. si son antiguos pero sirven, pues actualmente hay muchos chars modificados que ya ni en sombra se parecen al original de donde fue ripeado.
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Miér 6 Abr 2011 - 13:36
doede esta el char de
Kagami Shinnosuke
Angel Cou
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Miér 6 Abr 2011 - 14:09
chido....saludos :XD:
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Sáb 9 Abr 2011 - 17:53
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muy bueno
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Dom 22 Mayo 2011 - 21:13
no abre la pag de sissy salen kosas raras XD si alguien la tiene q me la proporcione se los agradesco de antemano
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Dom 29 Mayo 2011 - 17:22
LOL buena lista janus

eres un mentiroso no que eras argentino y saliste colombiano
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Miér 1 Jun 2011 - 19:32
YO TENGO a sissy y a kagami pero yo quiero el del lb 1 ese que se transforma y flota no el chafa de la 2 que no hace eso .
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Re: Muchos chars de mugen 500 para que descarges

el Sáb 18 Jun 2011 - 19:34
eso no exita ni al mas sano
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