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addon Mugen Match 2 Remix created By Tatsu EDIT and Converted by Yuyu

el Sáb 24 Ago 2013 - 3:14
The screen pack was release on 2004 for both version mugen dos and winmugen

on 2005 Tatsu release many add on Including Street Fighter 3rd Strike a very low res type and other Add on as well like the lifebar like character behavior. Meaning that life bar its was coded like a character with the font action and some the code where from common1.cns after years was pass on.

Tatsu created 4 Mugen characters for the winmugen and dos version. I had tryed to use the waybackmachine website to see if I could get hold of the winmugen version but I had no luck. so I was very lucky to retrieved the Dos version of mugen the very first older screen pack made by Tatsu . The images where very discolored and was 320x240 was very color loss very pixel. So I took upon my sefl to remake it and edit my self and I wanted to make it just like he had it... but was not that simple. system.def was very very old and weird. after 2 month of reconstruction the screenpack

Ryon,Genesis and Ares took the time and been helping me with my minor setting that I could not fix
here the post of Mugen Help topic

[RESOLVED] select screen replace help by Ares

[RESOLVED]lifebar encounter Help by Ares and Ryon

Genesis help me with Flicker and blinking problem with screenpack mayor flicker

Video 1 with the flicker

Video 2 with out the flicker and fix

Now for the Life Bar
well only time will tell if Ares will deliver the Life bar to make this screenpack be complete. Until then you have wait it out still that time come for Ares to release the Remake edit version :) for now just enjoy this Screen Pack Remix :D

Donwload the screenpack here qj8zcl
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