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char Kyo Flame [2014 Edit]

el Lun 17 Feb 2014 - 1:28
Here is some Good news

Charater Original was by Opirus
Named as = Nest-Kyo-KOFM
Now hez Called = Flame Kyo

Character was updated three times after released for personal [i mentioned it before somewhere]
But now its being updated with a new level [which is old so to speak :D ]
Anyways adding Super Cancel Mode like Kof-2002

Character will be released after this update
May be its a last update for public but we are not sure , because ideas can pop in anytime :)

Super cancle mode is added.Which looks great so far , and working on AI so Ai also able to use it.
Here is a little Sample
Let me know Guyz what do you think and what do you want
Ideas and Suggestions ?

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char Re: Kyo Flame [2014 Edit]

el Lun 17 Feb 2014 - 3:45
Very good
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