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stage AP - Playground

el Lun 15 Sep 2014 - 22:21


-Mugen 1.0 or Higer Only.
-Secondary DEF file for Mugen 1.0 Widescreen.
-BGM with Loop.
-Superjump: mid.
-NOTE: Widescreen version disables the right and left bounds

To Insanus/Aokmaniac13 for the Rips and the BGM with loop.
To GLB for the flying cherrys code and sprites.

have sometime with this stage in my mugen trying to find a good way to get the characters animations which couldnt for the most but atleast the girls are animated (yay!) now which is good enoght for me.
Alan KOF
Team Mexico
Team Mexico
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stage Re: AP - Playground

el Lun 15 Sep 2014 - 22:25
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stage Re: AP - Playground

el Mar 16 Sep 2014 - 14:54
veamos que tal

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stage Re: AP - Playground

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