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char Tessa and Kenji updated

el Miér 20 Abr 2016 - 23:57
Tessa and Kenji updated 4/18/16 (mugen 1.1 only)
fixed MP Jyuu-monji to home on p2 quicker
added comboability for LP into MP
fixed LK comboability
hitsound fixes

Update 4/18/16:
Timings on cannons fixed
Timings on jamming ghost fixed
Jamming Ghost homes on p2 y vel
bird behavior is more source accurate
fixed corner push issue on Tricicle Edge
added more sound effects to basic attacks and cannons
revamped death phenomenon - create new sprites for timer to go up to 9 instead of 5.
you can now get rid of balloons by attacking Tessa.
air chakura wave can be performed while dashing back


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