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stage Emerald Dimension Zone

el Lun 25 Abr 2016 - 12:08
[CPS2 Debuts] - Emerald Dimension Zone "X"
Yeah, I finally finished it xD
The definitive version of my old stage I've released a long time:
Yeah, I finally finished it xD
The definitive version of my old stage I've released a long time:
I should say, my apologizes to the ones who gave me feedback on the old version of this stage, because I delayed A LOT to put in practice everything you guys suggested me to do on this stage. A special thanks is to @ExShadow: who gave me a important suggestion of getting ride of the psychedelic color animations, I kinda disliked the result after I compared the two stages each other.
The BGM is called "Bahram Battleship" from Zone of the Enders 2. I'm planning to request to Wizzy remix those music for this new version of the stage


ExShadow and Saikoro: For the special feedback on the old stages. I get a nicely knowledge thanks to you guys!
Beximus: For some sprites, codings and animations, and especially for introducing me to Second Life, where I found great sources to use on stages like these!
DG: For some sprites and FX from "Crossover" Stage
Master Emerald animation is made by Dr. Mecha
SEGA: For Sonic The Hedgehog elements, and specially for the Mystic Ruins Temple from Sonic Adventure.
ZSNES: For X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse stage sprites!


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