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(CvS3) Dan updated! (

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char (CvS3) Dan updated! (

Mensaje por LALOIGNIZ el Vie 6 Mayo 2016 - 1:14

SURPRISE (oh, well, not really, I said a couple hours I was gonna update it, so... heh)
Yup, Dan has been updated!
I'm sorry to dissappoint you, but no new moves this time.
Changes (straight from the Readme...):

- The Shinkuu Gadouken can now be combo-ed into Oyaji Blast
- Rolling Taunt can now be cancelled into Lv3 Supers / Oyaji Blast
- Crounching and Standing Taunts can now be cancelled into Lv3 Supers
- You can now perform free Lv3 Supers when in Mythical Taunt state, at free cost
(connecting the Jun Koku Satsu / Otoko Michi, or performing the Haoh Gadoken will end this state)
- Legendary Taunt can be cancelled (as long as he's not rolling) into any other Super
(Lv1 for free, Lv2 cost 1 bar, and Lv3 cost three bars. Oyaji Blast & Lv3 Supers can be done even while rolling)
- Shissou Buraiken can no longer be combo-ed from (MAX)/Shinkuu Gadouken.
(Oh, well, it can, but only when the projectile can't deal any more hits/has started to vanish)
(In other words, to combo a Shinkuu Gadouken into Shissou Buraiken, the Gadouken must have already dealt 5 hits)
- Special lose poses added
- Mythical Taunt's voice clips will now sound correctly, heh
- Evil Dan (really basic stuff), Shakunetsu Gadouken, Danshura Senkuu and Metsu Gadouken have been coded.
(Also, made the Danretsuken sprites already)
(But that's it, it all is absolutely unfinished)
- New palettes
- Gou Hibiki's colors will also change depending on the palette, heh
- Minor changes/bug fixes
- T-that's it I guess. I wouldn't be surprised if I update the char again. I don't know myself anymore.

I said I was gonna add USFIV's Omega Mode moves... as well as the Evil Dan mode.
Well, that was a bit more than three months ago. Even through a couple Evil Dan moves are fully coded, he's still too incomplete.
However, after downloading one of Raaja's chars, I said "Hey... I could give Dan a special animation for this!"
So I started working on it again and so, here it is, heh.



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