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char Peter Griffin update released

el Lun 9 Mayo 2016 - 18:46
Peter Griffin update by aperson98 released


anyway here's his new movelist copied from his readme.


Taunt 2:
Oh dont be afraid: Down + Taunt

Command Normals:
Lunging Headbutt: Forward+Heavy punch (this used to be a special,
but I think it works better as a command normal)
it can't knockdown anymore but does have more stun now.

Jumping Knee: Forward+Light Kick: Like the name says Peter jumps with a knee attack
good for a surprise

*Fart-douken: D, DF, F, any punch
-This is Peter's weak projectile attack. It has low lag time and travels quickly.
(can be Ex'd now)

*Bottle Toss: D, DF, F, any kick
-This is Peter's strong projectile attack. He lobs a bottle into the air great for an
Anti air projectile. In addtion he can regain health and power by holding any kick button
and during this he can cancel into a back or forward dash too. (can be Ex'd now as well)

*Buttstomp: F, D, DF, any punch.
-Ones of his new moves the startup ignores projectiles and the light version
is cancelable can be done in the air too
(can be Ex'd now as well)

*Roadhouse Kick: HCB+ any kick.
-Ones of his new moves slow, but peter is invulerable to non-grab
attacks at startup great for juggles. Peter will say "Roadhouse" at the end,
but dont worry you can cancel the taunt part of the move with any input.
(can be Ex'ed)
*Puke Puddle: HCB+ any Punch.
- This move makes peter barf up a slippery puddle of well.... vomit

*PB and J Brian: D, DF, F, Taunt (uses 3 super bars)
Brian stops the fight to entertain players with a little dance this move can't be blocked, but it
also deals zero damage and stops the clock so no you can't win by time over with this

*Super Ax handle (uses 1 super bar): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, + any kick
*Anal Torch (uses 2 super bars): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, + any punch
*Steroid Man (uses 3 super bars): D, DB, B, D, DB, B, + any punch
*A.N.N.A collider (uses 3 super bars): D, DB, B, D, DB, B, + any Kick

and his changelist and credits

These are the changes I have implemented:
*New level 1 super Super Ax handle not flashy but his other supers are removed or powered up now
*Jump kick is removed and replaced by the Buttstomp and Roadhouse kick for specials
*Anal Torch: Is now level 2 and is stronger, but leaves Peter more vulnerable when blocked.
*Steroid Man: Made into a level 3 super and now ends with a uppercut
*Ipecac Attack is revamped into Puke puddle a move akin to Sub-Zero's Ice puddle
*Hyper backgrounds removed as well as pics
*A semi new victory animation during the tube man win he no longer hops and laughs but rather does the Bird is the Word Dance
*New Palette: Retep Peter's evil twin
*Overall movement speed is no longer matched with KFM he is now much slower think Hugo in terms of movement now and can no
-longer mid air jump but attack is stronger
*Anna and Anal torch use one bar more of super meter
*Super Jump Removed
*New command Normal Jumping Knee attack
*Crouching heavy punch (tongue whip) has lower priority and less blockstun the animation is also cleaned up a bit
*Anna is now much more easily punished when it whiffs
*Standing medium and heavy kick have have less stun on both hit and block
*Peter carries some momentum on his normals after run now
*crouching medium kick has more cornerpush
* Is no longer Winmugen Compatible

Warner el Tochix for most of the sprites
ElecByte for creating MUGEN.
Judgespear for the update I edited from
Luigimaster for the small bits of code and graphics from his Peter mainly A.N.N.A and his Taunt
N64 Mario for his Alpha/Zero COunter code

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