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char Rouge the bat

el Vie 3 Jun 2016 - 15:50
Rouge the bat (By nero from lodran and master of mugen)
After a Lot of canceled demos,and a lot of issues,I finnaly find a way to save the game,for that i pay a lot of prices,and get some huge trouble.
I really need to say sorry about that,really i want to say this. (And i have a closed talk to solve myself with the persons i got that problem).That was not my intetion,But lets forget this dark past and look to the present!I show to you guys Rouge the bat based on original stuff made by mugen hunter nad focusing in the veanko style.I was fighting for a almost a year tro trying to fix the gameplay,and i get to that trouble,i decided,dropped off the old system,but reciclying a lot of stuff to a new one.Rouge Now Plays with a 3 button game system(Like veanko and glaudia ones),but with a extra option of gameplay with moves ,Fx and sounds effects,i planned to used on the canceled demos of FFD,but before asking FFD is not going to die,Rouge is my new base i will made everyone with her.Since she is a test char for the new system ,she will have some issues.The FFD gameplay will follow the 3 button formula and i hope make conversions of all rest of the Mugen hunter chars soon(If i get help with art will be more close than you think).Her gameplay is almost all focused to be close to her sonic Battle counterpart
My focus now is only to finish all the stuff i have made for the game.

If i foget someone please como talk to me in Pm! Not here

-To sega for the sonic series and for the fx i ripped and improved,the sounds and games of Virtua fighter,Fighting viper,last bronx,and yeah! eternal chamipions
-Elecbyte: For making Mugen!
-to the beta testers
--Neo_fire sonic
--Master of mugen
--Shin zankuro
--Motor roach
--Daniel caetano
--Pedros e Salles from sonic connect
-master of mugen for homing shot anim help and autorization to his fusion chars(romy) anims to do my ones,and make a revision into her
-To micha,Kaijin e joe td for reference anims ripped/edits from sonic battle
-Daniel catano for run anim help
-to cyane and Latroy6 for their char i used as reference.
-Mugenhunter: For the original work.
-Ryo 2005,Ryou Win,Veanko and gladiacloud: For some codes i altered

-Public release

10/05/2016 to 01/06/2016

Bug search and fixing
-Fixed stun bug
-Fixed close high attack bug

Gameplay imrpovement and balance
-Added Flying kicks move
-Fixed Flying kicks problems
-Adjusted a lot of combo punishers
-Remade max combo,quard break
-Added Quard damage to moves

09/05/2016 Beta test release
-Added SKM

03/05/2016 Master of mugen lots of fixes updates
-Air:Hitboxes,time alterations
-Cns:Fixes in hypers,code optimaztionn
More speed added to Air downward Foward spiral dive
Changed Super silent kick SDM
-CMD:Bug fixes

-Alpha tes tReleased

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