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char CvS El Fuerte upgrade 2016!!! Old Abel re-upload

el Vie 3 Jun 2016 - 16:23
|CvS El Fuerte 1.12 by chuchoryu 03/06/2016
Hello friends! Now El Fuerte comming whit new SFF file, sorry for delay this one, is one of the most hard characters I do, in the codes are very hard to me work in this one, but is not imposible, soon more upgrade, enjoy and have fun!!


Move list:

*Wall Jump: UF or UB
*Jump againist a wall, press in the oppositive BACK or FOWARD

*Tostada Press: MP (after Wall jump)
*Fajita Buster: HP (after Wall jump) ???

*Target Combo: FAR MK,MK

*Habanero Dash: D, DF, F + Punch

*Sudden Stop: LP (only during Habanero dash)
*Tostada Press: MP (only during Habanero dash)
*Fajita Buster: HP(only during Habanero dash)
*Back Dash: LK (only during Habanero dash)
*Gordita Sobat: MK (only during Habanero dash)
*Calimari Slide: HK (only during Habanero dash)

*Habanero Back Dash: D, DB, B + Punch

*Sudden Stop: LP (only during Habanero back dash)
*Tostada Press: MP (only during Habanero back dash)
*Propeller Tortilla: HP (only during Habanero back dash) ???
*Wall Jump: LK or MK or HK (only during Habanero back dash)

*Quesadilla bomb: Charge ANY KICK 5 seconds and release

*Guacamole Leg Throw: F, D, DF, F + Any Kick

*El Fuerte Dynamite!!: D, DF, F, D, DF, F, + Any Kick*
*Use Lvl 1 of gauge bar*

*El Fuerte Plying Giga Buster: ???*

*El Fuerte Ultra Spark: ???*

-Is the firts 2D Adaptation from 3D
-Have a lot of moves, colors, sounds from SF4
-Coide Revamp NEW*
-Color separation in the mask, pants and hair *NEW*
-Parry *NEW*
-Doge NEW*
-Rool Foward and Back *NEW*
-All original SSF4 Colors *NEW*
-Normal Fight intro NEW*
-2 winning pose NEW*


-Grab moves
-Fajita Booster
-Propeller Tortilla
-EX Moves
-Ultra Moves
-intro and ending from SSFIV
-Maybe Focus Attack


Patrik Sucat: He made a edit of El Fuerte using Sting Ray character from SNES, I revamp and size the sprites
You Tube: I ripping all voices in this site
And you: for download this character, you rocks!!

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