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char Bisca Release

el Sáb 18 Jun 2016 - 15:55
Bisca by Mikel8888 (16/06/2016)
Well folks, 2. Fairy Tail char, and one more in the collection.

Today I bring to Bisca, for those who do not know very well, is a mage of Fairy Tail, I do not get to consider it a main character, but among high school is one of the most important, which evidenced by his appearance in the game and consequently, have sprites.

This is a case unlike other times, usually when I do a char, ground say he had been thinking or wishing to do so, but this time, is a char that honestly never thought I would.

The first is by having a fighting style that I do not particularly like, I'm breaking my face more closely with pjs as Luffy.

And as I have said, is not an incredibly important and striking character, so I never thought I would.

All this will assure more when I saw that my friend Yomi had done. As you know, ami I really like the work of yomi, then you can say that thought, "Now that has fact, I do not think you need never do."

But the fact is that to get full with this series, I decided to do all there, and as you can iros setting, have gone a little order to the series.

This char for me it could count as the Phantom series, and that is why I have done and have not done even as Laxus chars.

Following the description of a little char, she has a companion called Alzack, with which he goes everywhere, and it is very rare that fight separately.

For this reason, two specials are with. Conviertiendo the char rather in a duo for the reasons to be faithful to the anime, and has no sprites Alzack enough to make the char.

Well, tell you a little after my life, here the char:


A - Light Shot

B - Medium Shot

C - Energy Shot

S - Power Charge


D,DF,F,a - Homing Shot

D,DB,B,a - Hiro Dan

D,DF,F,b - Alzack: Tornado Shot

D,DB,B,b - Alzack: Hibana Dan

D,DF,F,c - Bakuhatsu Dan

D,DB,B,c - Bullet Storm


D,DF,F,D,DF,F,a+b - Jupiter Cannon


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