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char CvS Abel 1.12

el Miér 22 Jun 2016 - 23:30
CvS Abel 1.12!!! 2016 new model (22/06/2016)
================================|CvS Abel 1.12 by chuchoryu|=================================
Hello friends! to much people ask for this one, CvS here is it! the new version of him, now is June of 2016 CvS Abel bonr in June 2015, now Abel comming whit the SF4 SFF file more better than the old one, I hope all enjoy this oone is one of my favorite characters from SF4, El Fuerte and Rufus, enjoy and have fun!!


*Tornado Throw: D, DB, B + Any Punch

*Wheel Kick: D, DB, B + Any Kick

*Marseilles Roll: D, DF, F + Any Kick

*Change Of Direction: D, DF, F + Any Punch

*Second Mid: F + Any Punch
*(During Change of Direction only)

*Finish Mid (AB): F + Any Punch
*(After Second Mid or Second Low)

*Second Low: F + Any Kick
*(During Change of Direction only)

*Finish Low (AB): F+ Any Kick
*(after Second Mid or Second Low)

*Falling Sky: F, D, DF, F + Any Punch
*P2 must be jump

*Drop Throw: 2 Punches

*Foward Kick: ???

*Super Heartless*: ???

*Ultra 1 Soulless*: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + PPP
*Use Lvl3 Gauge bar

*Ultra 2*: ???

-Is the firts 2D Adaptation from 3D
-All SF4 Colors *NEW*
-All codes revamp *NEW*
-All SFF revamp *NEW*
-All basic changed *NEW*


-He need more moves from SF4 *NEW*
-Neutral moves *NEW*
-intro and ending from SSFIV
-Maybe Focus Attack *NEW*
-More sprites
-More intros and win
-Special intro vs Guile, Heihachi and Alex


werewood: He inspired me to make this one in 2D, my Mugen Brother/Hero/inspiration/friend for a long time, thanks bro you rocks!!
Spriteresources: I download all voices from this site
Yoshinori Ono: For made the mega mazing SF4 game!!!! I love SF4 3DS really
And you: for download this character, you rocks!!

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