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char Trunks, Mister Buu and Character Pack by Kenshiro99

el Sáb 2 Jul 2016 - 19:50
Trunks, Mister Buu and Character Pack by Kenshiro99 (01/07/2016)
Hello guys, going to the point, bring 2 more Chars Dragon Ball Extreme Botuden converted to the MVC style with engine VS Style Debuts . First, the warrior from the future with his mighty sword strokes , Trunks . And the other , the innocent creature that has the power to destroy and eat everything , Mr. Buu . Besides them, TBM bring the pack of the previous chars , Goku , Vegeta and Piccolo correcting some defects and exchanging some sprites . Moreover, all the characters are with the engine tag UnoTag Team Patch , which can be placed by changing the data in the file def Char .
I hope you enjoy


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