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char Bonebreaker (X-Men Villain)

el Lun 4 Jul 2016 - 10:25
Bonebreaker (X-Men Villain) by NinjaBrl [June 7, 2016]
Bonebreaker by NinjaBrl

Credit to:
Marvel for creating the character
Elecbyte for Mugen
borewood2013 for minor code tweaks
volzzilla for main port
MMV, for being a great Mugen forum community focus on having fun with Mugen and for
being the source of inspiration to many who create there

In the Marvel Comics universe the Reavers are a team of criminal cyborgs. The most
significant team of Reavers were dedicated to the destruction of the mutant X-Men,
and a number of them especially wanted to take revenge on one particular X-Man,
Wolverine. The name was originally used by a gang of Australian cyborgs. Bonebreaker
was the leader of the original Reavers, a gang of cyborgs living in a ghost town in
Australia, who perpetrated robberies across the globe.

Powers and Abilities: Like the other members of the Reavers, Bonebreaker is a cyborg
and has bionic implants that augment strength, stamina, and reflexes beyond the levels
of a normal human. Bonebreaker's legs have been replaced with a motorized chassis that
drives on tank treads. It is outfitted with anti-aircraft weapons, missile launchers,
and machine guns. Bonebreaker's upper torso can be removed from the chassis.


D,DF,F + P - Ground Missile
D,DB,B + P - Air Attack Missile
D,DF,F + K - Machine Gun
D,DB,B + K - Grenade
B , F + K - Tank Charge

D,DF,F + PP - Reaver Arsenal
D,DF,F + KK - Blitzkreig
D,DB,B + KK - Cybermind Controlled Goons


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