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The Ultimate Warrior Released

el Miér 6 Jul 2016 - 13:56
The Ultimate Warrior Released [WWE/WWF] by xdxdav (06/07/2016)
Name = Ultimate Warrior
author = XDXDAV
Mugen Version = winMugen
Character version = 0.99a
1. BASED on The Ultimate Warrior from the WWF!
2. No invincibility of any sort and almost all hitdefs has only priority 4.
3. Slam and throws are custom style
4. Very Hyper aggressive A.I.
5. Free to use, give me credit to let people know i made it. thanks
Special Thanks to:
1. Descolor, for character templating
2. WWF/WWE - Thats how i know about the Warrior and enjoy his performance.
Need To do:
1. slam reversal
2. touch ups.......

********This is my second release of this character.
Other than that Luigi has taken the effort to do a A.I. patch and touch up, and released that version.

So as of now there are 3 version out there...
v 0.8
v 0.8 with Luigi touch up
v 0.99a <--- this version
This version is much more slam aggressive and is edited base on my first and original release.
There are about 20 different slams and attack smade close to what you would see on WWE/WWF.
such as
After a successful Hi Grab/Run Grab,
while in Grab State press :
x - Hi Suplex
y - Body Slam
z - Body Press slam
a - Back Breaker
b - Pile Driver
c - Turning Slam

Lo Grab = B+C
After a successful Lo Grab,
while in Grab State press :
x - Lo Suplex
y - catapult
z - The chair
a - Bear Hug Chicken Wing Bomb
b - Swinging 180
c - Running Bomb Dunk

Please drop your comments to give any encouragement
or criticism so i can improve on the characters. Thank you.


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