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char SSJ3 Gokou 2.0

el Vie 8 Jul 2016 - 16:27
Y despues de 4 largos años de la beta que he lanzado (la pueden encontrar por ahi en internet)...
Algo de lo que ha cambiado:


- New head based on 3DS EB
- More Sprites
- Shoryuken new sprite/frame
- New genki Dama frame/goku sprite
- Genki Dama Fixed *
- Different fxs on Genki Dama
- Chou Kame Bugs Fixed
- Chou Kame compatible with MFT chars Clashes
- Added Emiliano's Hit Clash
- Emiliano's Hit Sparks
- 6 New palletes
- New Ki Charge
- Main Intro completed and the rest was deleted*
- 3 new Intros Added
- Meteor Smash completed
- Meteor Smash cannot be performmed in team mode
- Meteor Smash bug against superarmor fixed
- Rage Mode cannot use Ki Attacks
- Dash and walk faster during Rage mode
- Infinite Automatic Teleport Combos during Rage mode
- Infinite Manual teleport combos during rage mode
- Can connect teleport combos after every Melee specials
- Added Third jump kick
- Dash Backwards is now constant
- Adedd one more move on EX Flip Kicks
- Added one more move on EX Shoryuken/Air Fang
- Added one more move on Ex Elbow Smash
- Animated FWD Dash
- Ryu Ken's Body fire is now random sized
- Ryu Ken does not dissapear from the screen when p2 cornered and changes Dragon head animation when going straigh up.
- Added commands for Super Jump Forward and Backwards (it was complicatted to perform before this).
- KO Effect
- Super Portraits
- Fire Flip Kick Improved with new frames (Andy from KOF style)
- Added Recovery Kick
- Some Fxs re mastered

- And Things I forget now...



Acepto ideas y sugerencias, saludos.
Posts : 5
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Join date : 08/07/2016
Age : 29
Sexo : Masculino

char Re: SSJ3 Gokou 2.0

el Vie 29 Jul 2016 - 1:38
Super Genki Dama cargable + Paleta Damaged!


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