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DFO Female Fighter

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char DFO Female Fighter

Mensaje por LALOIGNIZ el Dom 7 Ago 2016 - 1:40

DFO Female Fighter (KOF Style) by Zephhyr Released (08/06/2016)


Well it only took me 4 years but I finally finished this darn thing. It might be a bit rough around the edges but I'm confident it's up to a good standard. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.

FAQ From the ReadMe:

Q: Who is this character?
A: She is the fighter Class from Dungeon Fighter Online (AKA Dungeon & Fighter)

Q: What should I expect from this character?
A: Gameplay similar to the King Of Fighters series with some mechanics from other series thrown in. There are 4 modes which change what Special and Super moves you can do and also have some minor effect on some basic attacks. Combo-ing is quite lenient, I encourage you to experiment.

Q: Can I use code from this character?
A: Yes you can. Feel free to poke around and use whatever you want. If you could credit me in your works that use my code as well that'd be appreciated.

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char Re: DFO Female Fighter

Mensaje por Alexis el Lun 8 Ago 2016 - 21:15


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